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The HAIR TV CHANNEL - Help Create the First 24 HOUR Television Channel all about HAIR!

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The HAIR TV CHANNEL - Help Create the First 24 HOUR Television Channel all about HAIR!

About This Campaign Join us in creating the First ever 100% Educational Hair Channel! Imagine all those day of Not knowing what to do with your Hair, GONE! Imagine being able to tune into a TV Channel that shows all Educational and Instructional Hair Shows. Introducing "The Hair Art NETWORK" TV Channel. Or what we all over here in the Barber Shops and Beauty Salons are calling "The HAIR CHANNEL"! Packed full of Revolving and Innovative Hair Programming from Male Haircuts and Hair Art Designs to Women's Short and Long Hair Styles. Everything involving Hair will be featured on this Hair Channel. Just look at all the subjects that we will cover on THE HAIR CHANNEL thanks to you.... 1. Hair Cuts, Hair Styles, Curls and Chemicals 2. Shaving Faces, Legs and Heads 3. Hair Art DESIGNS and Hair Art ADVERTISING 4. Braids, Twist, Wigs and Weaves 5. Men, Women, Young and Old 6. All Cultures of People: Black, White, Yellow, Red and Brown 7. Barber Shops & Beauty Salons 8. Barber & Beauty LAWS and REGULATIONS (SANITATION etc.) 9. Business & Success Classes on Opening and Maintaining a Barber or Beauty Salon 10. BIG & SMALL Company Hair Product Reviews 11. Hair, Scalp & Skin Maintenance and Hair Healthiness 12. ANIMAL Hair Styling for Shows and Competitions 13. Celebrity Hair Styles and their Stylist 14.Hair Shows and Hair Competitions 15.Sprinkled with other Elements of the Barber & Beauty Industry like Nails, Fashion and Accessories that go with the HAIR And MUCH, MUCH MORE... ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/oncLOIv1tO7U0fCLbROya6xNx9vwLK7zo9lCvfH3aPeZ*tiHb5k8c8nn9EymutuICX29qUxIHo2MuHz-cYppxx472ecxdB9T/HairArtWORLD2000.jpg?width=750) We will be editing and preparing Hair TV Shows from now until we officially launch the Channel at the first of the year 2015! We will also be interviewing for New Hair TV Shows to go on "The Hair Art NETWORK" TV Channel. This means you, the supporters and contributing barbers and stylist, will not only be helping to put a television channel on the air but you will be creating an opportunity to become Famous with your very own Hair Show Program! ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/c2nk1pk6akRCpd3OpvNZbrUJ22-TKCo2m-cIgyHr3lZSwekrlpgi7-NsLkmArEdbFbC7WYcVcTVDNL1AhwPjIbv0qZyCXknK/HairArtTVsatelites.jpg) THE PLAN: We have already put many elements of the awesome project into motion. We have secured the Rights to much of the starting lineup footage and some of the repeating shows. We also have many hair shows currently being shot and edited as we speak. But again the exciting part is were you come in because this will be the first of its kind SOCIAL NETWORKING HAIR CHANNEL! Put together by the People. Run by the People, and Funded by the People! THIS PROJECT WILL COST AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY... ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/E9fEOxuVMyTjJcH5Dlrhm*GjkZqbHSn5jQ0u21AI275aZkSsWkdmz0whGlvRAWsd*feu-7WftPL4Gb8YzWKmT4R*ooWNXFaP/graph1.jpg) "I am so very excited about the possibility that we will Finally have our own Hair Channel that we can just go into the shop, turn on the lights and flip to a television station that we can leave on all day that we will actually benefit from because it Solely encompasses our industry..." Ronnie Mac We have also secured the building in witch most of the filming, editing and streaming of video for The Hair Channel will take place. The building on 7900 John W Carpenter Freeway in Dallas, Texas will be our Shops & Salons as well as our Hair Art NETWORK Headquarters. The second floor is dedicated to our Hair Art Channel. On the first floor will be our 50 station Barber and Beauty Salon as well as our Beauty Supply, a Kids Play Area & Game Room, V.I.P. Salon Suits and a Restaurant! And all of this is under construction right NOW! (((Below are photos and video of the building and where we are putting the satellite dishes for streaming the hair show's footage and me, Ronnie Mac, showcasing the location. ))) ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/c2nk1pk6akQumnYGTCFjMiw5dYQikoqXr8tenbHIZylB9zn64OzbZ5fw80WqN3jLS7iKssobydQ2fmrvwOvHVOYseeQXHew1/HairArtTVsatellitesonbuilding.jpg?width=750) ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/c2nk1pk6akQnCeozqtMc-kUxBWSbqbMqvVLN9aiuzXsK3m*CNMPeDXYEZlgWsg499r5PWuKiujYFkflg*MxoF9VO0scw7JH*/HairArtTVbuilding.jpg?width=750) Here I am introducing the building were we will be orchestrating and executing all aspects of The Hair Channel. Open to the public we will have plenty of room to run the channel and grow the business. 7900 JOHN W CARPENTER FREEWAY DALLAS, TEXAS 75247 ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/TiGlW1XckRaU1BbDAh-6ahO7z4qBSBuBrlKDE1hdVtdbPs-aX8nEDcOQboJmv3*tW1oivMkGUzwXQCLPMxPtX4w4MXYZhw8M/UNDERCONSTRUCTIONSPACE.jpg) HOW DOES THIS SATELLITE THING WORK??? OK. We will start at a beginning point that will be the most comfortable for the whole project and then start growing and expanding when we have all parts in place. This means we will be starting out on a satellite service called Galaxy 19 witch is a F.T.A. (FREE TO AIR) service that will make it FREE for all you Barbers and Stylist to watch The Hair Channel. BUT it will definitely NOT be Free for me to Air it. It will cost many thousands of dollars every month to send the television signal into outer space to hit the G19 Satellite and decode to broadcast and send it back down to earth and cover the North Americas. ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/TiGlW1XckRZGTdtIKn-GG0YHoxRDOD6M3Iv5KOeZ0TtJL-i6TeJHmN-HcSP8TOW4lO5i5J6d8utVXowFclAYotIfTpqIHgFy/SATPIC.jpg?width=750) As you can see. By funding this project and and going with the best options available in satellite coverage we will be able to start out this project with an extremely wide broadcasting area. We will be able to provide a broadcast zone that will cover the entire United States as well as most of Canada and Mexico! NOW HERE IS A TREAT FOR US ALL! We have set up a relationship with a Satellite Dish Manufacture who has made us a deal for BULK PURCHASING the satellites dishes needed to pick up The Hair Channel's signal in everybody's home and everybody's shops or salons that doesn't have satellite service! Yeap! I put the satellite dishes in the Rewards Packages! ***So if you need a Satellite Dish to pick up the signal of the New Hair Channel! (We got you Covered!) ***If you have a talent for doing hair and need a serious platform to bring your talent to the entire Country and then in a few short months to the ENTIRE WORLD! (We got you Covered!) ***If you have a Barber or Beauty Product that you want to advertise and show to the Entire Barber and Beauty Industry! (We got you Covered!) ***If you are a Barber or Stylist or Shop or Salon Owner who needs to be able to walk into the shop and turn the TV on something that is going to benefit your shop by Promoting what it is you DO! (We got you Covered!) ***Even if you are a regular Mom or Dad trying to figure out what to do with your child's Uncooperative Hair OR EVEN YO HEAD! (We got you Covered) "The HAIR CHANNEL" brought to you by The HAIR ART NETWORK has Got You Covered! ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/TiGlW1XckRavtqAX33HBTGsccWnCgv5RYXps0Mo2Q8qn4OlGLmqpqSnWV6MIxnwzIoUP*RK0ynwMEokEp1Ikiq*qgI*PNqF4/SATELLITECOVERAGE.jpg) So in a nutshell we will have many cost included in setup of this channel as well as daily, weekly and monthly running plus maintenance cost. (ALL VERY EXPENSIVE... THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN...) Once we get this thing up and running, We will be able to run like all the other specialty channels like: The FOOD NETWORK (All about FOOD) The HOME SHOPPING NETWORK (All about SHOPPING from HOME) The CARTOON NETWORK (All about CARTOONS) The SPORTS CHANNEL (All about SPORTS) The HISTORY CHANNEL (All about HISTORY) And Now The HAIR CHANNEL (All about HAIR) From there we will be looking to grow our Hair Channel to have a WORLD WIDE COVERAGE AREA and a World Wide Brand Name. Thanks to you and your contributions we can make this a reality and in doing so help the millions of people who are looking for the answers to there many hair related questions... ******************************************************************************************************************* ***** TELEVISION SHOW LINE UP INFORMATION ***** ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/8ikGPdIHucL0UBnjADdXXxzN1eVvUbdz4TjtDZjNcmiR4-oFBhXuF1VYhjAkpk3l8AzXgSfH7fiucB-PyISEXbxG89rY4oam/HairArtlineup.jpg?width=750) OUR TELEVISION SHOW LINE UP IS IN THE WORKS RIGHT NOW. WE HAVE SOME SHOWS ALREADY DONE AND WE WILL BE GIVING YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE SHOWS OF YOUR OWN AND GET THEM AIRED ON OUR NATION WIDE TELEVISION CHANNEL!!! ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/c2nk1pk6akQF7nJQQOrgF7Y1oNWriGs3IeITBHw2REr9cWd4yyhCR09Y8cNoEe3LrtDz1CdPisGvSYld8UbGK7xTZMAh6Oy3/HairArtshow.jpg?width=750) ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/9EOvfnPVPww8eDvQjKHiSehzSpcZlNKCqoVC9*u4iqMRKbRJW-5FhtHQVTIkJMzM4P7l*aY6kaUOPRrF1ClWVk9z5Mb6SCzO/Comingsoon.gif) THE FIRST HAIR SHOW COMPETITION EVER TO HAVE THE BARBER & BEAUTY INDUSTRY COMPETING FOR THE LARGEST PRIZE IN HAIR SHOW HISTORY..... $1,000,000 ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/MuiHlMj6KYQMjEukx3hhT4nZ1B30psJji06LHaZB9whfRMAZG*BeramRG0KvEfgOVP0lPiOI5PI6t8F-MFJiN9ZWT*VCl6tI/100competitions.jpg?width=721) ALL AIRED ON THE ONE AND ONLY HAIR CHANNEL!!! FINALLY WE COME TO OUR PERKS, REWARDS and THANK YOU GIFTS! We have put in a lot of time and effort considering and deciding on what was going to be the best ways to Reward and Thank all of you for supporting our mission. We felt the best way to do this was to share in the success of the project and the inevitable fame and fortunes to come for the individuals involved in and appearing on The HAIR CHANNEL! PLEASE TAKE A LOOK TO THE SIDE OF THE PAGE AND CHECK OUT ALL THE DIFFERENT PERK PACKAGES AND SWAG REWARDS THAT WE HAVE TO GIVE YOU AS A GESTURE OF EXTREME THANKS FOR THE SACRIFICES, DONATIONS AND SUPPORT YOU HAVE GIVEN US TO CREATE THE FIRST EVER "HAIR TV CHANNEL" FROM THE HAIR ART NETWORK!!! The Only thing to remember is WHAT IS A GOODIE BAG of SWAG??? Well that's easy. S.W.A.G. stands for ((( Stuff We All Get ))) So if you choose a PERK or a Reward Package with a GOODIE BAG of SWAG listed in it, you will be receiving a revolving Collection of the following items:... ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/E9fEOxuVMyR*2gzwv8DdpPhKFtl0YLQzgSBRBGXNtrexeGvwkop4tOXMJWnlRmYzWmX8*bhO0sT3vU4BQUToHNELikNYhrVu/goodiebags.jpg) SOME OR ALL ITEMS MY HAVE ***The Hair Channel ***The Hair Art NETWORK and/or ***The Shops & Salons NETWORK PRINTED ON THEM... * T-SHIRTS * MUG CUPS * POSTERS * INSTRUCTIONAL HAIR ART DVDS *MR. HAIR ART PRODUCTS (STENCILS, COLOR PENCILS, COLOR SPRAYS ETC.) * KEY CHAINS * CALENDARS * WATER BOTTLES * CLOTHING ITEMS * GIFT CARDS * SERVICE COUPONS * ALL MANNER OF PROMOTIONAL ITEMS * AND ADVERTISING OR SPONSOR COMPANY'S PRODUCTS ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/8ikGPdIHucJ66y*Bb1ZML1kxP*sinS8By-thg7Z7cRrmfDaPmSUfwE3sn-gfLCNnzFyTHYTRJGuLdH9Irw-nliscJrAj4*x8/doubleTShirt2.jpg) ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/E9fEOxuVMyQP472CvthZG240k2XCqGKqrk0xJJPFO1-Z9UNGvc3CTnJGf3iYrAilLy0vht6UrknuQsVbmutU4iyc3pR89DQs/HairArtBear.jpg?width=300) ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/E9fEOxuVMyQFBKWYC838wrQ3ebe0lTJLQbjFJYpJpPeVLeRnHtBmQQoYpm1T3u4Y5rQlBwkMPbfFoifITflgVclx1FnkcyHL/HairArtBagandClock.jpg?width=750) ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/E9fEOxuVMyToRJoTjEkZJMX*4RtLMrKvADiPLXMgK8erGyU0Tp4f2H8ESkR8TsJZYaRqIBvgcQPWV1XrFW9h18t8biT9CoWR/HairArtKITwb.jpg?width=500) ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/E9fEOxuVMyQgXIQdGiJV5TZwNpU-WxrZTJJRD6h1nfSOcbbdUvLFgZLnJpRH-hX4pwHHQehiRBpVv46FF1AP7gRGCfDzjcCw/HairArtHatandMug.jpg?width=750) ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/4O6eIqcn6-5Z8ZluxNqTxBsb1UL5YgFQoQ*yjAl4U0O7EQVZX3-HkX3DLlDiGf6DQnTIE9pgK6pnTvkBMaMPi-jYz-StJrw1/SASCFBANNERGIF.gif) And then the BIG FINALE! The ULTIMATE Thank You REWARD! ((( A MOBILE B&B STUDIO BUS ))) ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/TiGlW1XckRZF7obRjc5trCXvk*Hr-TSLEl7lqECDktC9r9AkKF7buILmZpn2I5EA-l0QFBkn2fsfIwpT6685uRV6mSLrbMp5/SalononWheels.jpg?width=750) ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/TiGlW1XckRbDDWx7mUsW2okZyqDvommcKacYENLY8D9miAFx2-5Na7Ni8CmlupiHXxa6Vw2Lrkt9sQyzbS11Kx6Xv6yJ5wH2/mobilesalonbusexterior.jpg?width=750) ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/TiGlW1XckRYzTUtYTHol8Vrp6Rb1NtyFTmYQqac-pyriy0h*Nkaue8*WrTGtexxYbdPD9ZyBM8gYJAWnuWg*zEtUC0cVN9gr/SalononWheels2.jpg?width=750) Pay for a Reward Package of $100 or over and you will get automatically entered into the Mobile Barber & Beauty "STUDIO" Bus Give-A-Way! The way this works is when you pay for any of the Packages that are $100 or more you will receive a ENTRY NUMBER that allow you to enter into the Mobile Barber & Beauty "STUDIO" Bus Give-A-Way where you will set up a profile page (VERY SIMPLE) to tell every one who you are and why they should VOTE for you to WIN the Bus! Every one knows that our culture has gotten onto this "Competition Kick"... I personally thank that it is a good thing because it separates the weak from the strong and differentiates the truly deserving from those not willing to go all the way... I have worked very hard for everything I have so I can tell what that looks like. Plus I know you want the person or persons who will be driving off in this Custom Mobile Salon to be a person who will put it to good use .This is because this Mobile Salon is equipped with a VIDEO STUDIO (Video Cameras and all) inside. So know you see why it is important to give this Mobile Barber & Beauty "STUDIO" Bus away to the right person because we are looking for some who will be able to use it and the studio inside to crank out a "MOBILE SALON HAIR SHOW" for "The HAIR CHANNEL"! ((( We can call the TV Show something like "FAST HAIR" or "LOOK AWAY" or my personal favorite "IMAGE EXPRESS"!!! ))) ***IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR SHOWS OR EVEN SOME COOL HAIR SHOW NAME AND THEMES, CONTACT US OR SHOOT US A QUICK MESSAGE AND YOU JUST MY BE CREDITED WITH MAKING THE NEXT BIG HIT SHOW!*** ********************************************************************** *** LAST THING *** Since the whole project of (STARTING A ENTIRE NATION WIDE TELEVISION CHANNEL ABOUT HAIR) is so large, we decided to split it up into four (4) Crowd-Funding Campaigns. You can now go to the one you like the most. And we will see which Crowd-Funder Site is the most effective... So scroll down and pick where you want to support us in getting The Hair Channel on the Air... You can support us at our very own Crowd-Funding site for The Barber & Beauty Industry @ SHOPSandSALONS >>> (http://www.shopsandsalons.com) "The HAIR CHANNEL" ONCE AGAIN, FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS..... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT..... and remember our Moto: "RESPECT YOURSELF, IMAGE is EVERYTHING" ![enter image description here](http://api.ning.com/files/TiGlW1XckRaVUUVj23YDg5njNHWEOPgX1nC38HuIgU1vSJJOgpkhrPjNtJ848usC*FQud6L3i-AGEQFKFmylolrmUCvvLGhK/MrHairArtNEWPROFILEready07092014.jpg?width=200) Ronnie "Mr. Hair Art" Mac Shops & Salons / Hair Art NETWORK (OWNER) 3824 Cedar Springs Road #406 Dallas, Texas 75219 mrmac@HairArtNETWORK.com mrmac@MrHairArt.com (800) 406-7711