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Church Community Mobile Charity Cuts Shops & Salons EXPRESS (SASE) is looking to help the Community by teaming with local Churches. Churches need a unique a powerful pull to bring in more members to build a greater community. Providing Barber and Beauty Services is the way to do it. There are Helpless and Homeless who need our help. We will film the Cutting and Styling servicing along with all the amazing stories and invite the media to bring attention to how the Church is taking helping the community in need to the next level! We’re looking to provide programming and initiatives to uplift neighbors, empower children and unite us all in the common mission of inspiring the world around us. Through the help of the Church, we partner with friends and neighbors in order to serve as a resource and support system to those most in need. We partner with local businesses and organizations to stand with us and spread our reach to help those in need. The program can run with minimal staff or volunteers or can be very integrated with the Church’s schedule of events. Church Community Mobile Charity Cuts will be able to expand awareness of the Church and its mission to support and continue to be a cornerstone in the community. SASE is looking to partner with the Church to help us usher in a brand new level of community outreach and making a difference that puts a smile on the community. Enclosed you will find the various Community Outreach possibilities available to the Church to access. Haircuts for veterans. If you Look Good, you Feel Good, and in turn you Act Good! Add a SAMPLE Schedule for a year to give the Church an idea on how the program could run: January - Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 February - Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 The Mobile Barber Shop / Beauty Salon Bus is also a vehicle to provide other services such as handing out clothes, food (canned), even give out toiletries and job leads provided by companies who understand their unique positions. As we assessed the situation of the economy and our fellow man and woman, we found that there was a serious, borderline critical situation in the morale and overall attitude of the general public. We won’t go all into where it started and who is responsible, but we will give a very valuable part of the solution. “IMAGE”… Mr. Mac is a master barber who has been in the hair industry for over 20 years professionally. His desire to help and make people look, feel, and act better has been the driving force to this nonprofit corporation. He has witnessed the effects haircuts and hairstyles has had on thousands of customers and the impact that it has on ones’ Image which further backed his theory and reason for starting Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless, Inc. As Mr. Mac says all the time, “Respect Yourself, Image is Everything”. What people see in you and of you is very important weather we want to admit it or not. The way you are seen is the way you are treated in almost every race and culture. Then at the same time, you do the same thing to yourself. Remember that famous saying: “When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good you do good. And if everybody is doing good, this place is a much better place to live.” Mr. Ronnie Mac If you don’t look good you don’t feel good. If you don’t feel good, it is very hard for you to do good. This is where we come in. HHH is aware of the homeless problem as well as the other sectors of the economy that is having a hard time getting it together. HHH is designed to not only come to you with its patented mobile shops and salons to help people in need with the way they look, in turn giving them the self esteem to hold their head up and get out there and try. We also will be equipped to offer several other assistance based goods and services to the helpless and homeless. These include but are not limited to donated clothing, donated food, links into various job markets, and much more. Our mission is very simple. It is the same as our motto: HELPING EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE! All this means is by helping this growing population within a population, which is the helpless and the homeless, we will indeed be helping ourselves. When the people are assisted in looking better and in turn feeling better which leads to doing better, we now have less crime, less violence and best of all less people on the street and more people contributing to society. It goes far beyond the recipients of the service and branches out to the people who come in contact with these people, young and old. “With the time we spend with the people we are helping we are able to get a more intimate look into who they are and therefore is able to assess where they would best fit into the job market. We get to know the people better than most one time interviews so we are able to assist not just the person in need but the job market to make a better match.” Mr. Ronnie Mac We are helping everybody, everywhere. Helping to overshadow the negative and boost morale for people who have been hit hard mentally, financially, physically and spiritually. Helping people get jobs and lives back together. Our society has been crying out for this very solution. It is by grace that the solution comes in this simple package: Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless. This program consists of mobile barber and beauty salons in converted trucks and buses going out to locations that need service such as homeless shelters, battered women and children shelters, orphanages, boys and girls homes, half-way houses, clinics & hospitals etc…the list goes on and on. Anywhere there are helpless or homeless people, we want to be there to help. The people who benefit from our service is endless and limitless. Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless is based in Dallas, Texas and will be branching out to the surrounding cities and states. Then the surrounding countries and soon the whole world. Barbers and stylist who are able to volunteer are everywhere. The helpless and homeless are everywhere. It is passed time that we brought them together for the common good. Our vehicle conversion program is nothing short of miraculous. We take all the new technologies and employ them in our mobile salons to make sure that the people we are serving receives the best possible service in the most efficient way possible. The facilities will be comfortable for the clients as well as the hair stylist serving onboard. Our sanitary procedures are above the board because of some of the type of clientele. We must assure the safety and security of our personnel aboard the mobile salons. All this unfortunately comes at a considerable cost. The Hair Art NETWORK has put together several charity and fundraising events to help fund and support this all together great charity program. Events like “The World’s Largest Hair Art Advertising Competition” has been crafted and put together primarily to sponsor and be the official launch of the entire Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless charity. A portion of each ticket sold along with all donation proceeds will go to HHH Charity to get more mobile salons on the road. We even went so far as to make the entire Voting process for the MILLION DOLLAR Hair Art Competition entirely a Donation to the HHH Charity Race to judge the winners! This event will be the first of many events of its kind to not only help fund and finance the HHH Charity but also to help bring awareness and support to the Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless Charity. We are and will be looking for the more fortunate individuals, celebrities, entrepreneurs, companies and corporations to assist us in this endeavor. We even take the images of our Platinum sponsoring individuals and companies and thank them by including their photos in the graphic wrap on the sides of the buses and even inside the mobile salons in the many different and unique forms of advertisings. This problem is a problem for us all so we must all roll up our sleeves and jump in to help in any way we can. We are right now mustering the bulk our Hair Art NETWORK member to assist in volunteering their time and talents to equip the mobile salons with the appropriate personnel to take care of our less fortunate. There is a call out to all barbers and stylist to sign up with the Hair Art NETWORK to come and do their parts in making this place a better place to live. Without these volunteers we do not have a charity. So thank you guys and girls from the NETWORK. We all at Hair Art NETWORK and Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless would like to thank you for your interest in helping support this extremely noble and needed cause. With your contribution we will be able to put more Eco Friendly Vehicles on the road to help our fellow man and woman. This brand new charity needs your help and your support. And in turn, we, you and HHH, will be indeed changing the world for the better by doing what our motto says: HELPING EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE! The goal of the HHH charity is to have multiple mobile barber shops and beauty salons in cities nationwide as well as world wide. With the help and support of companies large and small coupled with the donations, endorsements and sponsorship of individual entrepreneurs and celebrities, this brand new charity Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless will be able to go out into the world and do all the things that a lot of these so called Helping Hand charities are supposed to be doing. We not only want to provide a service that is wanted and needed by everybody. We want to actually affect a change and really help change people's lives for the good. Financial contributions, donations and other assistants and support can be made directly to the charity Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless at our web site athttp://www.hairartnetwork.com/page/hhh-charity or mail to P.O. BOX 222305 Dallas, Texas 75222. You can also reach us by phone at 1 800-406-7711. This is just the start. With your help and support, we finally can start getting everybody looking good, feeling good and doing good so that this place will be a much better place to live. Thank you for your support, Mr. Ronnie Mac Owner of The Hair Art NETWORK ; Shops & Salons NETWORK and CEO & Founder of the charity HHH; Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless CUSTOM MOBILE SALON BUSES! (FOR SALE!!!) Mr. Hair Art and Shops & Salons EXPRESS is now taking orders to build you your very own Custom Mobile Salon Buses. We Buy, Build and Customize them to your Specifications! Our prices INCLUDE the Purchase of the Bus AND the Customization Services (Converting the Bus into a Mobile Salon). We offer a Turn-Key Solution to get you started in your very own Mobile Salon Business. “Mr. Hair Art” Ronnie Mac - “To all my Professional Barbers, Stylist and Hair Artist. I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to some of you. We have been Hit with a very large amount of calls, emails and text regarding our New Custom Mobile Salon Buses! Everyone is so excited with the idea of becoming financially independent and now being able to make money THE SMART, EASY WAY! These Mobile Salon Buses represent your ability to get out of the shop and not only Travel but also be able to MAKE MONEY VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE YOU STOP! (AWESOME!)...” To all our NEW SPONSORS & INVESTORS and our Potential Sponsors and Investors, please be patient as we sift through all the potential Mobile Salon operators to find you the absolute best candidates that will do your investments justice and get you paid back with interest A.S.A.P.... Potential participants, you can sign up at www.MrHairArt.com today! (FOR SERIOUS PROFESSIONALS ONLY!) We manufacture in Dallas, Texas and can Deliver to anyone across the U.S. We use the absolute perfect vehicle (Shuttle Buses) to customize and turn into Mobile Salon Buses. We mainly serve the Barber & Beauty Industry Professionals and it’s Customers but are now converting vehicles for many other industries and Loving the Challenge. Imagine having a self-sufficient, fully owned and operated Mobile business with little to no overhead. We’ve found that the customer’s experience of stepping onto a fully equipped Mobile Salon Shuttle Bus gives them an instant feeling of stepping into a professional Shop or Salon. (BUT YOU ARE PARKED RIGHT OUTSIDE THEIR DOOR!) Take advantage of this New and innovative business opportunity Today by following the instructions below the Q&A section and filling out the form on our web page to get started… Questions and Answers Below you will find some of our most commonly asked Questions and the Answers to those Questions: WHAT IS A CUSTOM MOBILE SALON BUS? WHY DO I NEED THIS BUSINESS? HOW DOES IT WORK? HOW DO I DESIGN MY BUS? WHAT ALL DO WE GET? HOW MUCH IS IT? HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE? HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE AS A BARBER/STYLIST OPERATOR? HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE AS AN INVESTOR? WHAT ARE THE PURCHASE OPTIONS? WHAT IS THE $5,000 DEPOSIT FINANCING PROGRAM? WHAT IS THIS FRANCHISE? HOW DO I ORDER? WHAT IF I WANT TO BE AN INVESTOR? RULES & REGULATIONS? INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS? (FOR SERIOUS PROFESSIONALS ONLY!) WHAT IS A CUSTOM MOBILE SALON BUS? We have a collection of different types of Shuttle Buses that we “Gut” out and convert into Mobile Barber Shops and Beauty Salons. The Shuttle Buses are large inside giving you more room and space to put in all the comforts of a real operational Shop or Salon. Yet, they are still small enough to Park almost Anywhere! When you select the Size and Type of Mobile Salon Business that you want, we will go into designing and customizing the bus with your input to turn it into a Custom Mobile Salon Bus. These vehicles will be fully loaded with all the features you will need to run and operate a complete Mobile business. These vehicles will also be LEGAL! This means we will File and Register all vehicles with the State where you will primarily be conducting business. These vehicles will also be ready to work and be Pre-Inspected for the State Board that regulates the Barber and Cosmetology community in your State. These vehicles will be designed by you Inside and Out. You will pick everything that goes into your Custom Mobile Salon Bus from the tile on the floor to the station, chairs, and shampoo bowls. These vehicles will also have a Graphic Designed Vehicle Wrap that you will have 100% “Say So” to decide what you want our Art team to put on the outside design portions of your bus. Finally, you will not have to do all this alone. We have an Expert team of Craftsman, Artist, Designers and Legal Workers to assist you in every phase of the Setup, Designing, Conversion and Launch of your Custom Mobile Salon Bus Business. WHY DO I NEED THIS BUSINESS? We have found that more and more people are reluctant to get out and waste Time and Money going to the places that they need products and services from. People are looking for that CONVENIENCE above all things. FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS, CELL PHONES, SHOP AT HOME TV CHANNELS, and let’s not forget THE INTERNET where everything is at your Fingertips! The objective of the Stores, Restaurants and businesses in general is to pop up as many locations, as close to the population as possible. This means make sure people don’t have to travel too far to buy from you, otherwise you might not get that business. “Build it, and they will Come!” Well, we have just taken that philosophy and made it work for us! Custom Mobile Salon Buses! Now you can “GO TO THE CUSTOMER!” Just like the New Advent and introduction of the FOOD TRUCKS that are now taking over the “Feed them Food Faster” Revolution. No more waiting on the money to walk through the doors. You are able to crank up your Business and Drive to wherever the Customers and the Money happen to be! HOW DOES IT WORK? Once you have paid for and secured your Mobile Salon, you are now in business for yourself. When it’s “Slow” at the regular brick and mortar salon and no customers are coming in… You can now simply Crank up your “CUSTOM MOBILE SALON BUSINESS” and GO-GET-THAT-MONEY!!! Imagine not being dependent on, or tied down to the “Shop” and regular walk-in traffic. With this Mobile Business, you can be FREE to go directly where the customers and the Money are. Now your are able to go to: SCHOOLS & COLLEGES PARKS HOMES & HOTELS HOSPITALS CLUBS & BARS APARTMENT COMPLEXES PARTIES CHURCHES RESTAURANTS CONCERTS OFFICE BUILDINGS SHOPPING CENTERS EVENTS / SHOWS THE LIST GOES ON AND ON… Any where there are large groups of people and potential customers, You Can Be There… HOW DO I DESIGN MY BUS? You will now be able to go to the internet to our Online 3D Shuttle Bus Graphic Designer! You and our Team of Architects and Graphic Designers will work together to create and design the perfect Look & Layout for your Custom Mobile Salon Bus! You get to choose the Bus Model and Size you want for your Mobile Salon Bus Business, whatever your budget will allow: (FORD, CHEVY, GMC, 14-15 Passenger and Up). You get to choose the Color Scheme and Theme of your Custom Mobile Salon: (Elegant Modern, Hi Tech, Old Western, Fantasy Paradise, and Much More). You get to choose the Decor and Additions to your Custom Mobile Salon: (Floor Tiles, Flat Screen TVs, Work Stations, Styling Chairs, Shampoo Bowls, Hair Dryers, Lounge Area, Lighting and much more). You ALSO get to choose the Outside Vehicle Wrap Designed with your Salon Name and Artwork! We will work with you to design the best layout and most Eye-Popping graphic design to print on the outside of your Custom Mobile Salon Bus. WHAT ALL DO WE GET? We purchase Shuttle Buses based on the number of Barber or Stylist Stations you want installed. S&S EXPRESS has built reliable relationships with Vendors to ensure we provide quality equipment along with the excellent running & clear title vehicles. We have also spent a Large amount of Money, Time and Effort to create all the following Companies and relationships with other companies to partner with to offer a tremendous amount of amenities to help go with your Custom Mobile Salon Buses… YOU WILL GET ACCESS TO ALL THESE & MORE: Franchising Opportunity (Shops & Salons EXPRESS) Credit Card Processing (S&S BANKING) Contracts & Appointment Scheduling (Hair Art NETWORK) Management Services (B.A.M.M. / S&S NETWORK) T.V. Commercials & Advertising (Hair T.V. Channel / F.A.D.E. radio) Sponsorship Income (Hair Art NETWORK / Mr. Hair Art) Insurance & GAS Allowances (B.A.M.M. / S&S NETWORK) Products & Supplies (Image EXPRESS) and MUCH, MUCH MORE... HOW MUCH IS IT? We have different Models and Set-Ups depending on your needs… We will start you out with one of our Fully Customized Base Ford Models Starting at $90,000. This price will INCLUDE EVERYTHING your Custom Mobile Salon Bus will need to get you started. If you would like to add on any “EXTRAS”, you may do so, just be aware that it will increase the price. Our pricing model is based around the SIZE, MODEL, CUSTOM BUILD and AMENITIES added to each unit. EXAMPLES: ONE (1) STATION MOBILE SALON BUS: $90,000 TWO (2) STATION MOBILE SALON BUS: $100,000 THREE (3) STATION MOBILE SALON BUS: $120,000 FOUR (4) STATION MOBILE SALON BUS: $140,000 (OTHER BUS MANUFACTURER MODEL TYPE PRICES MAY BE DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE) HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? CONVERTING THE BUS: Depending on the Type of and Scale of bus you ordered, it can take as much as 90 Days to complete the full conversion process of turning an ordinary shuttle bus into a full scale Custom Mobile Salon on Wheels. (Multi Stations and more elaborate buses will obviously take longer.) GETTING FUNDED: Depending on the Type and Scale of bus you select, the funding and funding source will usually vary from 30 to 90 Days for smaller units. And the larger more costly conversion could take longer to find a funding source. (BUT! If you are bringing your Own funds -OR- there is any set of Investors or Sponsors already signed in then the time is quite typically within Days!) PAYING THE BUS OFF: Depending on the Type, Scale and Amount of the bus that you are paying on along with how much money you are making on a daily basis will determine how long it would take to pay it off. (Most of our programs are designed to get your Custom Mobile Salon Bus paid off in full in less than 2 ½ YEARS!) HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE? The money you make in the mobile business is highly dependent on You and the Deal you create with us… For example... If you simply purchase a bus from us on your own with your own money and go out and operate on your own, you will get all the money you earn to yourself. There is No deductions for payback and No interference from us. (BUT YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! THAT MEANS NO HELP FROM US!) If you get an Investor or Bank to Finance you in your mobile business you will obviously have them to pay back. This means what ever numbers you generate in your mobile business income will have to have their pay back amount deducted from the total. (UNTIL IT IS PAID OFF AND THEN YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.) If you partner with us in our New Franchise program, you will have a very different business setup all together. You will have the Full Assistance, Help and Support of The S&S NETWORK behind you. Along with The Hair Art NETWORK, Business & Money Management (B.A.M.M.), Salons EXPRESS, and Mr. Hair Art! All of our affiliates, partner companies and services will be employed to make sure you are successful! All this is, of course, at the cost of whatever percentage is agreed upon at time of signing. ***SEE FRANCHISING FURTHER DOWN*** Here at Shops & Salons NETWORK, we are Very Clear and upfront with all information that you need to do business with us. We don’t like to hide anything or be dishonest. We Respect our business and those that do business with us! This is why you will see all numbers and information right there in front of you so that you can make an informed and the Right decision For You! Our Motto: “Respect Yourself, Image Is EVERYTHING!” Below you will find a simple breakdown of some projected numbers for operators and investors as to your possible income and “HOW MUCH CAN YOU MAKE” by participating in this Custom Mobile Salon Bus Business... HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE AS A BARBER/STYLIST OPERATOR? In this Mobile Business your potential is unlimited! BUT… Here is a quick break down on the type of numbers you can expect if you work the schedules listed below… Keep in mind that these charts and graphs are based on the Flat scale and is able to be determined according to how much work you put in and how often. (Also, there is NO PERCENTAGE taken out of any of the Income Numbers below. So if you sign up for the Franchise or the Investor/Sponsor Financial Funding, please take into account the 20%, based on the “Deal” you work out with S&S EXPRESS, when you calculate your potential earnings.) HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE AS AN INVESTOR? This is a very easy question to answer. Simply take the numbers above or below (SAME NUMBERS, just DIFFERENT GRAPH/CHART) and subtract 20% from whichever numbers your Barber or Stylist operator(s) is generating and you have your “Take” as the Investor Every Month. ***Remember that your percentage will be collected by Shops & Salons NETWORK and B.A.M.M. through our patented Credit Card Commissions System. This means the “PAYBACK” percentage will be taken off the top of every credit card service transaction done on the Bus. Now Everyone WINS! The Investor gets paid back off the top, AND the Operator gets their Custom Mobile Salon Bus PAID OFF using this process! $100.00/Day CASH Paid in Full - Operator Income (In a 4 Week Month, 12 Month Year) 1 Days/Week 2 Days/Week 3 Days/Week 4 Days/Week 5 Days/Week 6 Days/Week Day $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 Week $100.00 $200.00 $300.00 $400.00 $500.00 $600.00 Month $400.00 $800.00 $1,200.00 $1,600.00 $2,000.00 $2,400.00 Year $4,800.00 $9,600.00 $14,400.00 $19,200.00 $24,000.00 $28,800.00 $200.00/Day CASH Paid in Full - Operator Income (In a 4 Week Month, 12 Month Year) 1 Days/Week 2 Days/Week 3 Days/Week 4 Days/Week 5 Days/Week 6 Days/Week Day $200.00 $200.00 $200.00 $200.00 $200.00 $200.00 Week $200.00 $400.00 $600.00 $800.00 $1,000.00 $1,200.00 Month $800.00 $1,600.00 $2,400.00 $3,200.00 $4,000.00 $4,800.00 Year $9,600.00 $19,200.00 $28,800.00 $38,400.00 $48,000.00 $57,600.00 $300.00/Day CASH Paid in Full - Operator Income (In a 4 Week Month, 12 Month Year) 1 Days/Week 2 Days/Week 3 Days/Week 4 Days/Week 5 Days/Week 6 Days/Week Day $300.00 $300.00 $300.00 $300.00 $300.00 $300.00 Week $300.00 $600.00 $900.00 $1,200.00 $1,500.00 $1,800.00 Month $1,200.00 $2,400.00 $3,600.00 $4,800.00 $6,000.00 $7,200.00 Year $14,400.00 $28,800.00 $43,200.00 $57,600.00 $72,000.00 $86,400.00 $400.00/Day CASH Paid in Full - Operator Income (In a 4 Week Month, 12 Month Year) 1 Days/Week 2 Days/Week 3 Days/Week 4 Days/Week 5 Days/Week 6 Days/Week Day $400.00 $400.00 $400.00 $400.00 $400.00 $400.00 Week $400.00 $800.00 $1,200.00 $1,600.00 $2,000.00 $2,400.00 Month $1,600.00 $3,200.00 $4,800.00 $6,400.00 $8,000.00 $9,600.00 Year $19,200.00 $38,400.00 $57,600.00 $76,800.00 $96,000.00 $115,200.00 WHAT ARE THE PURCHASE OPTIONS? You have THREE (3) Options to purchase your Custom Mobile Salon Bus: CASH UP FRONT: You can purchase your Custom Mobile Salon Bus outright. With a price tag starting at $90,000 and everything included, you will own your business right from the beginning. First you make a “Setup Payment” of $5,000 to our Deposit Financing Program. This will start the order process and to get your account set up. Once this is done and your account is set up, you will then pay the remaining difference of the price of your Custom Mobile Salon Bus. EXAMPLE: You pay $5,000 to get started and set up. Then you pay the remaining $85,000 to Total $90,000. (Custom Mobile Salon Bus BASE PRICE starts at $90,000) Any special “Add On” options ordered along with Tax, Title, License, and Delivery Fees if applicable, will be in addition to the Base Price of your Mobile Salon Bus. CUSTOMER BANK FINANCING: If you already have financing in place with your bank or contacts (friends, family, etc…), you can follow the same instructions as above. You will need to make the initial $5,000 Down Payment to begin the ordering process but S&S will assist you in dealing with your Bank or Credit Union. We can produce Invoices, Business Plans and even Financial Statements based on the Mobile business operations. We can and will assist you and coordinate with your bank or investor to make sure you have the best presentation to present to give you the highest opportunity for success. $5,000 DEPOSIT FINANCE PROGRAM: When you sign up for our Deposit Finance Program you will be filling out the form online to receive the link to the secret webpage to pay to get in. There is a limited number of spaces available so hurry. S&S EXPRESS will search for funding through traditional sources like Banks, Investors and Sponsors. Once we have secured your funding and your Mobile Salon Bus is completed, you will be able to go to work immediately. As you make money, S&S will collect the percentage out of your Credit Card Processing to pay back your Investor.The money will be taken out “Bit by Bit” until your debt is paid in full and you OWN YOUR BUS! (NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS!!! AWESOME!!!) WHAT IS THE $5,000 DEPOSIT FINANCING PROGRAM? Our New $5,000 Deposit Financing Program was created because we had so many Barbers and Stylist who wanted to get into their own Mobile Business but could not because of many reasons but the most frequent reason was they didn’t have enough money… So we created a program where anyone with the right drive and desire can take advantage of this New Program made just for you. With just a $5,000 deposit, you have the ability to get funded for up to $90,000 based off your ability to work the program and make the most amount of money in the least amount of time. $5,000 Deposit Finance Program Terms and Conditions: We receive an overwhelming number of inquiries daily, but in order to provide the most prompt and effective service, we have to zoom in on the Serious Professionals and not be slowed down by those who are Not Serious. We do this by requiring the Down/Deposit Payment to better serve the customers who are ready to move forward in the ordering process. (FOR SERIOUS PROFESSIONALS ONLY!) The $5,000 Down/Deposit Payment is 100% refundable if within 90 Days we are unable to secure Funding or Financing for you. (WE HAVE A GREAT TRACK RECORD RIGHT NOW FOR GETTING OUR PROFESSIONALS FUNDED) If participating in the Deposit Finance Program, once financing is obtained, the $5,000 will go directly towards the purchase price of your Custom Mobile Salon Bus. If before the 90 days you decide to cancel your participation in the Deposit Finance Program, a 10% fee will be applied and you will receive the remaining $4,500 balance mailed via USPS Priority with a check in 7-14 business days. If during the 90 days, S&S repeatedly requests documents to secure financing on your behalf and you do not provide them in a timely manner, a 10% fee will be applied and you may be removed from the program. If removed from the program under this issue, the remaining $4,500 balance will be mailed to you via USPS Priority with a check in 7-14 business days from the written program removal/cancellation notification date. Cancellation requests must be made in writing and mailed to Shops & Salons, 3824 Cedar Springs Rd, #406, Dallas, Texas 75219. (*Terms and Conditions apply). WHAT IS THIS FRANCHISE? S&S EXPRESS Franchising is very new and everyone knows that the ones who benefit the most are the ones who are smart enough to get in First! Our Franchise program is set up to be simple to execute and a joy to be a part of. It works like this: Once you are enrolled into the Franchise program and all your accounts are set up and running, you will have Only One Expense… The 20% Franchise Fee… THATS IT… (WE COLLECT ALL PERCENTAGES TO BE PAID THROUGH OUR NEW AND UNIQUE S&S NETWORK CREDIT CARD PROCESSING) S&S EXPRESS collects the Franchise Fee to pay for all the Services you see listed here and More that we could not list for Security and Intellectual Property reasons. We take care of our own. Once you are a part of our Franchise Family, you can rest easy knowing that you have the Full Might and Power of the Shops & Salons NETWORK along with all our sister companies and Partners Behind You! So the Breakdown goes like this… Out of the money you make = 20% goes to S&S EXPRESS for Franchise. If you are paying on your Bus = 20% will be Collected to pay your Bank or Investor. Then you will collect the remaining = 60% until your Bus is paid off and then you jump back up to 80% There are many benefits to joining our S&S EXPRESS Franchise Network. Here’s a list of some of the Franchise Option Benefits: Scheduling Contract Jobs (Bulk Client Locations like Concerts, Churches, Schools, etc…) New S&S Credit Card Processing (Lowest Rates/Highest Gains/Fast Deposits) GPS System with Security Tracking Multiple Salon Themes to choose from Security Alarm System and Monthly Service Advanced Scheduling with Event Centers and Population locations for Service Licensing Set-Up and State & Federal Regulation for your area Mobile Auto / Video Camera System Appointment Scheduling App with Service Pay (Collect your Money FIRST!) Personal & Business Website with Monthly Service Management Business and Money Management Services to all Operators TAX and Credit Repair Services Corporate Location Hair Service Contracts Celebrity Contracts through S&S EXPRESS Scheduling Client Surveys and Polling to promote your business Company Wide Advertising Blitz Programs involving your Mobile Salon Business Full Coverage Business Insurance Mobile WiFi System with HiTech Broadcasting from your Mobile Salon Satellite TV System with Projection Capabilities EVEN MORE BENEFITS TO THINK ABOUT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PRESENTATION... Here is a list of some Ongoing Expenses of Owning a Mobile Salon (*some based on options ordered): Gas & Fuel, Oil Changes, and Regular Vehicle Maintenance Re-filling Water Tank, Flushing and cleaning Shampoo Bowls, Hand Sinks, and Restroom Toilets Emptying Grey & Black Water from Vehicle Water Tanks Maintaining GPS and Tracking Services Security Alarm service Contract Resolution for setting up to work in Public & Privately Owned Areas Mobile WiFi and Cellular Services for Customers and Payment Transactions Satellite TV and Broadcasting Service Monthly Auto, Personal & Business Insurance Yearly Licensing and Regulation Filing Daily & Weekly Product Purchasing Scheduling & Advertising to prevent unnecessary Running Around Burning Fuel (In most cases S&S EXPRESS will have a program that will either assist you with some of these burdens or even take them completely off your hands and perform the duties for you. All this is included in the 20% we charge for your Franchise Fee.) (FOR SERIOUS PROFESSIONALS ONLY!) HOW DO I ORDER? The order process for getting into our Custom Mobile Salon Bus Business is simple. Fill out the Form on the Mr. Hair Art website so that we know who you are. From there, we will send you a Payment Enrollment Email. This email will have the congratulation information in it stating that we have “Checked you Out” and feel that you will be a good fit in our program. After clicking on the link in the form you will be taken to the Payment Page to pay the $5,000 Set-Up that Everyone pays, Even if you are buying a Mobile Salon Bus and paying Cash. We must insure that everyone we encounter will be Serious and Professional so that we Do Not Waste each others Time. Thus, the $5,000 Deposit Finance Program will ensure that we only deal with the individuals who are SERIOUS about MOVING FORWARD! After paying the $5,000 and enrolling into the Deposit Finance Program, we will set you up an account and get started on finding you the Bank, Investor or Sponsor who will be the Best Fit for you… (AND THEM) and for Cash Customers, we will begin the ordering process. At the same time, we will begin working with you on Designing your Custom Mobile Salon Bus. You will receive a username and password to our Online Interactive 3D Model Designer Program. Here you will begin work on deciding and designing with our team to create your Mobile Salon design. Even if you have not received a confirmation on a funding source, we are confident in our abilities to get you funded. Therefore, we will go ahead and begin work on your Mobile Salon design. If you are paying up front, then we will not only begin the design phase of your Custom Mobile Salon Bus. We will actually begin Physically Working on your Mobile Business at that time. Once you have received our Bank Wire Transfer instructions and have sent the funds to pay for your Mobile Salon we will begin purchasing all the elements to go ahead and get your Custom Mobile Salon Bus Business up and running and out the door in less than 30 DAYS! ***PICK YOUR BUS******PICK YOUR BUS******PICK YOUR BUS*** WHAT IF I WANT TO BE AN INVESTOR? To be an Investor in this Mobile Salon Business is very easy. All you have to have is Money and Time. Our company is on the rise to be the First Ever entity to create a service where Barbers & Stylists, indeed, HAIR ARTIST will be getting Paid to Design Company Logos and even Products into the hair on Customers Heads! This is called Hair Art Advertising. (Even the Customer gets Paid by the Companies to Wear the Hair Art advertising in their Hair!!! Awesome!) And you, the Financially Savvy Investor Guru, will be first in line to take advantage of this WORLD WIDE Phenomenon… You will be front and center to profit off of Every Head Cut and Hair Designed because you was smart enough to INVEST before everyone else wised up. Shops & Salons NETWORK along with all the sister companies and our partners have devised a way to pay out on a structured basis that will allow multiple Investors to receive a percentage of the money paid out by companies to the Hair Artist and even the money collected by the individual Mobile Salons and their operators! Everything from Paying or Funding a Mobile Salon to get up and running to Investing in the operations of said Mobile business will enable you to receive a Monthly Dividend or Percentage on all the operations of any of these Highly Lucrative units. We have the system to make it possible. Now of course, this information is going to be a very closely guarded secret, but you are more than welcome to contact the owner and pioneer of this entire Investment Adventure, Ronnie Mac, also known as Mr. Hair Art. He will be more than happy to sit down with you or to discuss via phone if there is any possibilities in bringing on more Investors to the Party. “You will see in a few months the full scale and scope of what Shops & Salons along with Hair Art Advertising is about to do to this Multi Billion Dollar Industry!” Mr. Ronnie Mac RULES & REGULATIONS? The Barber and Beauty Industry has many differences in Rules and Regulation that differ from State to State. We here at The Shops & Salons NETWORK work hard to make this a ONE STOP SHOP for you to be up on All the Rules & Regulations from State to State. Especially if you will be traveling to different States with your Mobile Salon Business. We want you to be fully aware of all the necessary laws and ordinances you will need to follow when driving and setting up to sell and perform Services in the other States. We will have an all inclusive and Comprehensive WebSite and App that will keep you informed and on top of all the Barber & Beauty Industry developments from the Laws and Ordinances in each City & State, to all the listed and even foreseeable Rules & Regulations that affect our Day-to-Day Businesses. There will be a Full list of Do's and Don’ts on the Shops & Salons EXPRESS website for you to get familiar with and to learn all the Laws and Regulations that will keep you in Business and Profitable for a long time to come. Make sure you sign up to our Newsletter at www.MrHairArt.com to get all the latest News on what’s going on in the Barber and Beauty Industry. MANY PEOPLE ARE CASHING IN ON THE SUCCESS OF THE MOBILE SALON BUSINESS!!! DON’T GET “LEFT BEHIND”!!! LOL INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS? Here are a few of the Support Training Videos we offer once you’ve purchased your Mobile Salon: How to set up for a MOBILE Business (Procedure to Powering Up a Mobile Salon) How to locate the BEST Places to Park your Mobile Salon Business (MOST CUSTOMERS) How to set Pricing for a Successful Business (Bulk vs. One Client at-a-Time) Water Tank, Shampoo Bowl, Hand Sink, and Restroom Toilet MAINTENANCE Hair Art DESIGNER PARTS! #2 (by “Mr. Hair Art” Ronnie Mac) Mobile Salon Etiquette! “How to provide the Ultimate Customer Service Experience” How to make the Most Money selling Hair Art Advertising Booking Group Clients and Business Locations for the Greatest Success HAIR ART DESIGNS #3 (by “Mr. Hair Art” Ronnie Mac) BASIC TOOLS & TECHNIQUES of Hair Art Designs #1 (by “Mr. Hair Art” Ronnie Mac) How to check City Ordinances and Laws for where you can set up and work... How to keep your business Secure during BUSINESS HOURS How to keep your business Secure during OFF HOURS Driving your Mobile Salon Responsibly & Safely The Wonderful World of Hair Art! (by “Mr. Hair Art” Ronnie Mac) Many, Many, More DVDs and VIDEOS for you to Excel your Business to the TOP!... Click Here to see a one of our Custom Mobile Salon Buses in Action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryG5daXgn9c (Just wanted to show a couple of Sponsor Movies about our Industry) CONCLUSION: MORE Customization Options: * Able to Build to Specifications of almost Any Customer * Western Theme Decor - Cowhide Accents * Barber & Stylist Chairs with Styling Stations * Tile, Wood, Metal, Carpet, Marble Flooring * Heavy Duty, Barber Chair with Reclining Features * Lavatory, Rest Rooms * LED Lighting, Color Lighting * Hand Washing Sink, Shampoo Bowls * Futuristic Themes * Custom Electric Wiring, Electric Generator * Paradise Themes * Front and Rear A/C & HEAT * 7 Foot Ceiling & 9Ft. Wide and Drives like an SUV * Custom Plumbing * XBOX & Playstation Gaming Systems * Vehicle Paint & Tint * Jungle Themes * Custom Graphic Vehicle Wrap * Flat Screen & Plasma TVs * DVD Player & Projection Systems * GPS System with Security Tracking * Custom Bench Seating * Custom Cabinets * DirecTV & Satellite system * Mirrors, Floor Mats, Refrigerators * Couch Seating for Clients Waiting Area * Hot Towel Cabinet with UV Sterilizer * Rolling Supply Carts * Water Pump & Water Tanks (Clean & Dirty) * Retro Themes * Hot & Cold Running Water ect... ect... ect...***Many more options available*** S&S is looking to help build the Barber and Beauty Industry’s image by providing innovative solutions to them, giving them a real voice in the community, and ability to drive their level of prestige into the stratosphere when compared against all other industries. You can be a part of that movement through this program. This is one of many more to come and all involved will get first access to the future money-making programs Shops & Salons continues to develop with unlimited possibilities. Join us now, if you are ready to move forward to start the ordering process, all you have to do is make the initial $5,000 Down/Deposit Payment. Once payment is received, based on the purchase option you choose, a followup email will be sent to you to collect your ordering information via a secure form. Upon receiving the completed form, a representative will be in contact with you directly with the next step in designing your Custom Mobile Salon. For any questions, please feel free to call us at (800) 406-7711 or email us at order@shopsandsalons.com. ***For your convenience following this email, we will be emailing you the link via a Request to make the $5,000 Down/Deposit Payment on our secure Mr. Hair Art Square Cash website using your bank issued debit card. If you will be making payment via credit card, please email us a request for the credit card payment link. If you wish to Bank Wire Transfer the payment, please call us directly at (800) 406-7711 to receive wiring instructions. All examples above are based on AVAILABILITIES & on work already done by Shops & Salons EXPRESS. To get started on your Custom Mobile Salon Bus please contact us using the information below. And please. Don’t Wait because this Mobile Salon Program is growing right now by leaps and bounds. So if you haven’t seen anyone in your area with a Custom Mobile Salon Bus, Then you still have time and you could be the FIRST One to hit your area with the Mobile Salon Business which means you will be leading the way and having the most Success! We can help you get started, so contact us today! "Mr. Hair Art" Ronnie Mac Hair Art NETWORK (Owner) 1-800-406-7711 (469) 831-2990 3824 Cedar Springs Rd. Suite 406 Dallas, Texas 75219 www.MrHairArt.com www.HairArtNETWORK.com www.TheHAIRTVChannel.com www.ShopsAndSalons.com