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HHH Charity (HairCuts for the Helpless & Homeless)

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HHH Charity (HairCuts for the Helpless & Homeless)


Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless ( HHH Charity )

This new charity has many functions and facets to it but the main and most important function of HHH Charity is in the title, Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless.

Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless Inc., also known as HHH Charity, is a brand new charity conceived in 2000 by Mr. Ronnie Mac and the Hair Art NETWORK with the help of the Shops & Salons NETWORK witch consist of a group of over 2,500 barber shops and beauty salon members world wide.

This new charity has many functions and facets to it but the main and most important function of HHH is in the title, Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless. HHH work is starting in Dallas, Texas and will be expanding exponentially to a worldwide reach in record time. Mr. Mac has seen the need for HHH in all ends of the earth, therefore is working diligently to continue to reinforce the infrastructure required to service everyone in need.

As we assessed the situation of the economy and our fellow man and woman, we found that there was a serious, border line critical situation in the morale and overall attitude of the general public. We won’t go all into where it started and who is responsible, but we will give a very valuable part of the solution. “IMAGE”…

Mr. Mac is a master barber who has been in the hair industry for over 20 years professionally. His desire to help and make people look, feel, and act better has been the driving force to this nonprofit corporation. He has witnessed the effects haircuts and hair styles has had on thousands of customers and the impact that it has on ones Image which further backed his theory and reason for starting Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless, Inc.

As Mr. Mac says all the time, “Respect Yourself, Image is Everything”. What people see in you and of you is very important weather we want to admit it or not. The way you are seen is the way you are treated in almost every race and culture. Then at the same time, you do the same thing to yourself. Remember that famous saying:

If you don’t look good you don’t feel good. If you don’t feel good, it is very hard for you to do good. This is where we come in. HHH is aware of the homeless problem as well as the other sectors of the economy that is having a hard time getting it together. HHH is designed to not only come to you with its patented mobile shops and salons to help people in need with the way they look, in turn giving them the self esteem to hold their head up and get out there and try. We also will be equipped to offer several other assistance based goods and services to the helpless and homeless. These include but are not limited to donated clothing, donated food, links into various job markets, and much more.

Our mission is very simple. It is the same as our motto: HELPING EVERYBODY, EVRYWHERE!

All this means is by helping this growing population within a population, which is the helpless and the homeless, we will indeed be helping ourselves. When the people are assisted in looking better and in turn feeling better which leads to doing better, we now have less crime, less violence and best of all less people on the street and more people contributing to society. It goes far beyond the recipients of the service and branches out to the people who come in contact with these people, young and old.

“With the time we spend with the people we are helping we are able to get a more intimate look into who they are and there for is able to assess where they would best fit into the job market. We get to know the people better than most one time interviews so we are able to assist not just the person in need but the job market to make a better match.” Mr. Ronnie Mac

We are helping everybody, everywhere. Helping to overshadow the negative and boost morale for people who have been hit hard mentally, financially, physically and spiritually. Helping people get jobs and lives back together. Our society has been crying out for this very solution. It is by grace that the solution comes in this simple package: Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless.

This program consists of mobile barber and beauty salons in converted trucks and buses going out to locations that need service such as homeless shelters, battered women and children shelters, orphanages, boys and girls homes, half-way houses, clinics & hospitals etc…the list goes on and on. Anywhere there are helpless or homeless people, we want to be there to help. The people who benefit from our service is endless and limitless.

Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless is based in Dallas, Texas and will be branching out to the surrounding cities and states. Then the surrounding countries and soon the whole world. Barbers and stylist who are able to volunteer are everywhere. The helpless and homeless are everywhere. It is passed time that we brought them together for the common good.


Our vehicle conversion program is nothing short of miraculous. We take all the new technologies and employ them in our mobile salons to make sure that the people we are serving receives the best possible service in the most efficient way possible. The facilities will be comfortable for the clients as well as the hair stylist serving onboard. Our sanitary procedures are above the board because of some of the type of clientele. We must assure the safety and security of our personnel aboard the mobile salons.

All this unfortunately comes at a considerable cost. The Hair Art NETWORK has put together several charity and fund raising events to help fund and support this all together great charity program. Events like “The World’s Largest Hair Art Advertising Competition” has been crafted and put together primarily to sponsor and be the official launch of the entire Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless charity. A portion of each ticket sold along with all donation proceeds will go to HHH Charity to get more mobile salons on the road. We even went so far as to make the entire Voting process for the MILLION DOLLAR Hair Art Competition entirely a Donation to the HHH Charity Race to judge the winners! This event will be the first of many events of its kind to not only help fund and finance the HHH Charity but also to help bring awareness and support to the Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless Charity.

We are and will be looking for the more fortunate individuals, celebrities, entrepreneurs, companies and corporations to assist us in this endeavor. We even take the images of our Platinum sponsoring individuals and companies and thank them by including their photos in the graphic wrap on the sides of the buses and even inside the mobile salons in the many different and unique forms of advertisings. This problem is a problem for us all so we must all roll up our sleeves and jump in to help in any way we can. We are right now mustering the bulk our Hair Art NETWORK member to assist in volunteering their time and talents to equip the mobile salons with the appropriate personnel to take care of our less fortunate. There is a call out to all barbers and stylist to sign up with the Hair Art NETWORK to come and do their parts in making this place a better place to live. Without these volunteers we do not have a charity. So thank you guys and girls from the NETWORK.

We all at Hair Art NETWORK and Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless would like to thank you for your interest in helping support this extremely noble and needed cause. With your contribution we will be able to put more Eco Friendly Vehicles on the road to help our fellow man and woman. This brand new charity needs your help and your support. And in turn, we, you and HHH, will be indeed changing the world for the better by doing what our motto says: HELPING EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE! The goal of the HHH charity is to have multiple mobile barber shops and beauty salons in cities nation wide as well as world wide. With the help and support of companies large and small coupled with the donations, endorsements and sponsorship of individual entrepreneurs and celebrities, this brand new charity Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless will be able to go out into the world and do all the things that a lot of these so called Helping Hand charities are supposed to be doing. We not only want to provide a service that is wanted and needed by everybody. We want to actually affect a change and really help change peoples lives for the good.

Financial contributions, donations and other assistants and support can be made directly to the charity Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless at our web site at http://www.hairartnetwork.com/page/hhh-charity or mail to P.O. BOX 222305 Dallas, Texas 75222. You can also reach us by phone at 1 800-406-7711. This is just the start. With your help and support, we finally can start getting everybody looking good, feeling good and doing good so that this place will be a much better place to live.

Thank you for your support,

Mr. Ronnie Mac

Owner of The Hair Art NETWORK ; Shops & Salons NETWORK

and CEO & Founder of the charity HHH; Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless