. . . . . . . . . . STEP (1): SET UP AN ACCOUNT . . . . . . . . . . STEP (2): CREATE A CAMPAIGN FOR YOUR PROJECT . . . . . . . . . . STEP (3): ASK FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO GIVE AND HELP SUPPORT . . . . . . . . . . STEP (4): COLLECT YOUR MONEY IN AS LITTLE AS 30 DAYS . . . . . . . . . . . STEP (5): USE THE FUNDS TO FINISH YOUR PROJECT!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Salon Fundraiser


Checklist for Setting Up Your Campaign

CheckList to Creating a Successful Campaign

Ingredients to The Recipe for a Successful Campaign

I.  Do tha’ Math:

   A.  How much you need from beginning to end for your actual project.

   B.  Include approximately 10% for fees (platform service fee, credit card processing fee, wire transfer fee, etc…).

   C.  SWAG-REWARDS cost of actual goods, shipping cost, preparation, etc…& the quantity you can afford (money and time) to fulfill the commitments.

   D.  Add at least those 3 categories together to set your GOAL amount.

   E.  Make sure the GOAL is realistic, because you’re Asking people to help you, not fund everything for you. It has to make sense to them.

   F.  Map out, graph, or pie chart the allocation of the funds you are asking for (visual aid).


    A.  Create at least 5 SWAG-REWARDS levels.

    B.  Giving to get something in return is the way of the world, so give the right SWAG-REWARDS to get the contributions you need for your project. It should be unique to your project if possible.

    C.  SWAG-REWARD ideas-

          1.  a sample of the product if that’s what your project is

          2.  t-shirt

          3.  stickers


          5.  posters

          6.  a shout-out

          7.  a personal Thank You email or call

          8.  a virtual hug or kiss

          9.  fist pump or secret handshake

         10.  a happy dance video of you when you hit your goal

         11.  a signatured edition of your product

         12.  limited edition of your product

         13.  signed copy of photo (you and your team)

         14.  any project related memorabilia

         15.  a digital product like a film or book

         16.  a celebratory party invite

         17.  a souvenir from the progress of the project

         18.  their name in credits for films

         19.  naming equipment

         20.  Skype meeting with you

    D.  Combine SWAG-REWARDS to build onto each level of contribution. Like, ‘you get all of the above and this’ strategy.

III.  Set Stretch Goals:

    A.  It is so important to set your Stretch Goals (yes, multiple Stretch Goals).

    B.  Set at least 3 Stretch Goals with possibly upgrades to the original contributor SWAG-REWARDS or add NEW types of SWAG-REWARDS.

    C.  Explain what the additional funds will enable you to accomplish at each new Stretch Goal, build on to the original project. People need to see that you will have a productive use for the extra funds (sorry, you can’t keep it as pocket-money).

IV.  Make a Video & Take Pictures:

     A.  Need at least 1 Video.

     B.  You need to be in that video because that makes a contributor feel connected to you and empathize with your project. Tell your story and be unique. Your showing passion can emotionally charge a contributor to make a contribution. The more you move them, the more they are likely to give. Introduce yourself and tell some background information about yourself. Then, tell them clearly about your project and what you need the money for. It helps to know how your project would benefit others vs just increasing your income. Be sincere and knowledgeable about your project. If you have partners or a team that’s helping with the project, put them in the video (that’s better than a one-man show). Do demonstrations or anything to help people understand the project. If you have people who can testify about the project like a test product you made that they tested and liked, they can give you a positive review on camera. The contributors must feel that you will use the money correctly and complete the project.

    C.  Use the best camera you have access to (even if it’s a phone camera) and add good instrumental background music (not too loud and not distracting from the video and anyone speaking). YouTube is a great FREE source to upload your video and even edit it with music and annotations.

     D.  Take several CLEAR Pictures. These pictures should help tell your story, validate the work you’ve already done to do your project before you came to get help here, and help the people see what your end project may look like.

V.  Start out Strong:

    A.  To get a really good start on any campaign, you need to get your friends, family, customers... to be the first to contribute (about 30% of your overall goal) to your project campaign. Strangers are more likely to give if you are already receiving support (Yes, MONEY attracts MORE MONEY!).

    B.  As soon as, your campaign is LIVE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE! Too late to be shy now, get out there and tell everyone about your project and get those contributions rolling. Remember, that if you don’t LOOK like you’re going to reach your Goal, the contributions are going to start dragging and they may start asking for a refund before the campaign ends (that would definitely hurt the project).

    C.  Make your friends, family, and customers tell others about your campaign using social media, etc... Remember, the best campaigns run about 30 days so you have to get the word out and spreading asap. Running a shorter campaign or longer campaign could loose contributors because either you aren't giving yourself enough time to execute the goal or you're dragging it out and may not complete the project. It's better to just do multiple campaigns (one at a time or in stages) like Phase 1, Phase 2... People want to see you set a goal and meet a goal.

VI.  Show Progress:

     A.  Make progress updates. They can be done via videos (usually the most effective), pictures, and write-ups.

     B.  People who have contributed and people who are thinking about contributing are probably monitoring your campaign for progress so show them if you can. Help them feel the excitement of getting close to reaching your Goal thanks to their help.