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Salon Fundraiser

Please....Help Fund Art of Angels!

A campaign by Angela Williams

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A campaign by Angela Williams
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Please....Help Fund Art of Angels!

Art of Angels was started in 2008. I, founder of Art of Angels, Angela Williams, better known as 'Angel', have been servicing people in my community for 14 years as a HAIR ARTIST making women, children, and even men feel confident in themselves by bringing what they feel on the inside out with my artistic flare using hair, by birthing their true personality.


I am a person that you would not forget if you met me. I'm a very giving person despite of being a single mother of 3 beautiful children. In the mist of that, I find time to volunteer for events in need of help, help raise money for non-profit organizations and give out my hair styling skills for FREE for people in need. If you could afford to get a clone, I would be the one to clone- a human train and goal driven woman. The name Art of Angels came from my LOVE of ART. Whether it's hair, people, or anything else in the world. The word Angels came from the lost of my mother in 2002 at the age of 23 and 2 other women that were very dear to her heart. So, they are the team that encourages me to be a lady in everything I do, stay focused, strong and to give back as much as possible. With that the arrival of Art of Angels came.

It has been a long journey of gathering information from life experiences , managing businesses, and giving back. Everything that I have learned through the years, accomplished and have done for so many others I want to be able to do more and bigger things. Now it's time for me to sky dive into the world putting my Angel wings to use.


In this mission Art of Angels will embrace the art of hair in the salon, while having a relaxing serenity environment where anyone who is blessed to embrace it will enjoy it. Art of Angels inspires to be able to accommodate a stylist, barber and in the future a nail tech. With your support I will have the freedom and space to do more community outreach programs and fund raisers and spread my wings of support and love to others.
Thank you for checking out my page and learning about Art of Angels. Please help support me, Angel, and help raise funds for me to make Art of Angels really spread her wings of opening a Mobile Salon.
Whether you are a client or a stylist, mobile hairdressing works for everybody. It is definitely the new way to get your hair done.



About Mobile Hair Salons
On-the-go people might not have time to visit a hair salon, so they get the hairdresser to come to them. Many people with disabilities, recovering from illness or accident, or without transportation also find it easier for the hairdresser to make house calls. Mobile hair salons fill this need. They also require much less capital to get started than a bricks and mortar beauty parlor. Mobile salons can offer clients more flexible hours than conventional salons.
Mobile Hair Salons

In a mobile hair salon, the client's hair is shampooed, cut and styled inside the vehicle, which is similar to a mobile home.
The equipment for the mobile-home type salon doesn't differ that much from equipment found in a traditional salon. You'll need barber chairs, mirrors and sinks, along with the cutting and styling tools of the trade.