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My Dream, My Vision, A Reality

A campaign by Retanza

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A campaign by Retanza
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My Dream, My Vision, A Reality


Retanza Burke

Some things are just inevitable; there's no mistake about it...they were bound to happen. For instance, Michael Jackson was born to entertain. Mariah Carey was born to sing. President Barak Obama was born to lead. Halley Berry was born to act. And guess what? Retanza Burke was born to create beauty. This is evidenced in my chosen profession of cosmetology, wherein I have made a name for myself as one of Atlanta's most promising professionals in the beauty industry. I have been a part of the industry since 1994 and greatly applauded for being very creative and a great hair cutter. Many would agree that I have a gift of transforming clients into an image that is quite appealing and rather invigorating.

From the time I was a little girl, I knew I was especially endowed to do hair. 'I can recal being asked to make finger waves in my classmates; hair as early as (elementary, middle and high) school,' Retanza reflects. 'I was in pretty high demand. And I can tell you that even back then, there was something very satisfying and fufilling in watching the happy expressions on people's faces after their style was complete. That's when I knew that this would be more than a hobby; it would be my passion.' Upon graduating from high school as a graduate of honors, completing training from Pro Way Hair School in Cosmetology, receiving a diploma in Master Cosmetology from Empire Beauty School, and becoming an inspiring Educator of Cosmetology, I now would like to fullfill my dreams and make a stance in the beauty Industry. I have been afforded the opportunity to receive tutelage under the direction of Iris Terrel (owner of Hair Touch Beauty Salon and Ann Kilgore of (Bronner Brothers renown.) I am skilled in many aspects of cosmetology to include hair coloring, sew-ins, quick weaves, braids, nails, facials, make up and lash extensions and the expertise in hair cutting, weaves and wigs. I am proud to have received the Best Hair Cutting Award while a student at Pro Way.
Loving every minute of what I do, I look forward to broadening my horizons to include more visibility as a Platform Artist, opening my own salon on wheels to offer convenience and first class service and eventually franchising a grounded Salon & Boutique along with having the advantage to offer education from a school that I open that will help pursue opportunities to assist girls and boys with dreams of becoming Cosmetologist in today's beauty Industry and beyond.
If I am granted with your sponsorship and help in making my dreams come true, not only will you receive blessings, but you will have full appreciation from me and once my salon on wheels set sail, my franchise of Salons take flight and my school is open, I plan to make a statement by putting up a large plaque in every business that I open with the many people names written in gold that paved the way for my success. I will need funds to purchase salon equipment, an R.V. or bus for my salon on wheels, and supplies. I am an individual that is a hard worker and very determined, I may not have the funds to make my dreams a reality, but I have the will drive and goal setting to succeed and prosper.

Thank you in Advance,