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A campaign by Ronnie Mac "Mr. Hair Art"

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Mobile Salon Project

The Mobile Salon Project is a program the Shops & Salons NETWORK is bringing to the public by providing Haircuts and Hair Styling Services to the Homeless, Low Income and Underprivileged Families, the Elderly, the Sick and the Helpless. S&S NETWORK also have a program called S.O.S. (Service Our Servicemen) which includes highly skilled professional Hair Stylist trained to "Service Our Servicemen" all across the country. Servicemen like our Police, Firefighters, EMS Teams and our Veterans will be receiving much deserved haircuts and hair styling services via specially equipped and designed Mobile Barber and Beauty Salon Shuttle Buses.

“We want to bring these services to them at no cost to them. In order to do this, we need your help. We are accepting donations to help us purchase more buses, outfit them for safe and sanitary service, licensing, and supplies to provide these much needed services to as many of the "Groups" listed in our program as possible.” … Says Owner Ronnie Mac

Donate to Groups

The Mobile Salon Project is owned and operated by Shops & Salons EXPRESS and the Hair Art NETWORK. The owner, Mr. Ronnie Mac also known in the Barber and Beauty Industry as Mr. Hair Art, is the man in charge. He has express a deep passion for helping those in need and for providing a way for other Barbers and Stylist to help others in need.
As The Mobile Salon Project get to expanding, there are preparations being made for donations to be able to be made directly to The Mobile Salon Buses that are rolling around everywhere. Donations like Food Drives, Clothing Drives, Employment Placement, and other similar services for the Homeless and Underprivileged to provide them the helping hand they need to rejoin our society as happy and productive citizens.

With your help, our nation's people in need will receive the benefits and services they desperately need to get back on the road to being productive citizens again. They also will receive individual One-On-One evaluations along with their Hair Services from highly trained professionals to find out what type of person they truly are and how The Mobile Salon Project can be of Specific Help to them and not just another "Hand Out". From the moment a client is in the seat for service, Barber & Beauty Professionals will have the opportunity to get a better grasp of what their individual needs are through caring and compassionate conversation and evaluation. This process is an instrumental piece of the puzzle when providing the best possible service The Mobile Salon Project is looking to organize and execute.

The Mobile Salon Project partnered with Shops & Salons EXPRESS is purchasing shuttle buses and converting them into Custom Mobile Salons Buses of all kinds.
There are industrial style Mobile Salons set up to be clean and sanitary to sufficiently and safely take care of the homeless clientele. Rolling out to Homeless Shelters and even under bridges, these Mobile Salon Buses will help these people get back on their feet.
To help the kids there are school inspired Mobile Salons Buses to roll up to the schools, day care centers and special needs schools to service the kids that need a helping hand. Even rewarding students that perform well in school. Anything we can do to encourage these kids to do good in school and not to go in a bad direction is a good thing.
Other types of buses are being set up as Cancer Cure Mobile Salons. These buses are equipped to care for the sick. From the extreme cases of having to have their hair shaved off their head because of their radiation treatments, to creating the cancer sufferers custom wigs to wear and help build their self esteem and further improve their chances of a faster recovery.
There are handicapped and wheelchair accessible busses being converted to serve the Elderly in Hospitals and Nursing Homes who may not be able to travel to a Barbershop or Beauty Salon. Senior Citizens want to look better and feel better about themselves too.

Mobile Shops & Salons
The motto of the company is “When you Look Good, you Feel Good; you Feel Good, you Do Good.” ... Ronnie Mac (Mr. Hair Art)

This is definitely needed from the servicemen who are out there putting their lives on the line for us. There are, of course, the S.O.S. Mobile Salons that will be rolling out to the Police Departments, Fire Stations, Military Bases, Hospitals and V.A.’s to “Service Our Servicemen” so they don’t have to waste their valuable Public Serving time traveling to Barber and Beauty Salons, wasting hours sitting and waiting on hair services. These professionally designed and operated buses will go to them to service them so they will be looking good and feeling good and ready to do good for the public. This service will give our servicemen more time to dedicate to helping all the 911 calls and people out there who need them on the job and not sitting in a salon waiting on a hair appointment.

The Mobile Salon Project will roll out in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana first. There are plans to add on new Cities and States every month. The faster this program receives contributions and donations means the faster The Mobile Salon Project can spread across the country to help even more people. There is even a MOBILE SALON BUS RENTAL PROGRAM where ordinary Barbers and Stylist or Salon Owners can rent out these Mobile Salon Buses to go out and do business for themselves on an individual basis and all the proceeds from this program will go to funding The Mobile Salon Project.

“Any amount of donation will help and your donations are truly appreciated. We have a number of ways we will be showing our supporters and donors our appreciation. We will give out Thank You Gifts and Rewards but most importantly we will be showing our donors and sponsors exactly how your money and donations is being put to excellent use actually serving our communities. Finally you will be able to give to a cause and see that money at work with your own two eyes!” … Ronnie Mac (Mr. Hair Art)

We want to thank you in advance for your support!