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Salon Fundraiser

Hair Tint Storage and Dispensing Unit

A campaign by Gus Cameron

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A campaign by Gus Cameron
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I have an unrivalled patent pending innovative product with a unique registered trade mark. I registered around £60 K in my first year of trading, and am already profitable. I have signed an exclusive deal with the largest distributor in the market I am targeting for the UK & Ireland, who have 259 stores all selling my range, and who globally turn over $4 billion +. I have been approached whist exhibiting at Excel London, by another Global agent who proposes to introduce me into a further 24 countries. Too much too young, or can crowd funding help me to mushroom my potential? www.kibellehaus.com Kilmarnock, Scotland
After running my own Salon for many years I noticed that Salons everywhere, be they big or small, didn't seem to have a system to store opened tubes of tint. In most cases opened tints were either hung on a line or simply thrown in a box or a drawer. Apart from being very disorganized the time spent finding the right shade, and the waste created by staff throwing partly opened tubes away drove me crazy! When you consider that tint spend is the major part of the salons overall spend I found this amazing and made it my task to introduce a system that can help alleviate the issue, indeed since I started looking at this problem I realized that in most cases, Salon owners might not even recognize their way of storing tints as being wasteful and costly to their business.
We have designed a simple system that:
The Kibelle Haus system is designed to manage storage of unopened tints by horizontally stacking the tints in their original packing boxes in numbered sequence
The Kibelle Haus system is designed to hang opened tint tubes side on , on a special hang bar so that the end face of the dispensing unit can show the tint shade number for fast identification , the special twist dispenser can squeeze the tube empty