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Salon Fundraiser

Hair Art Educational Workshop

A campaign by Lici LadyBarber

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A campaign by Lici LadyBarber
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Hair Art Educational Workshop

My name is Lici LadyBarber. I am a barber/stylist who has been in the business for about 5 years. I have always been an artist but did not know how to transition my talent from paper to hair. I purchased the Hair Art Kit and practiced my craft with the stencils and evolved into a specialist in hair art design both freestyle and duplication. I owe my success to Mr. Hair Art because it was through the tools he provided that I was able to grow in the industry as one of the most talented lady barbers in the nation. I am an award winning barber, platform artist, educator and I am considered an inspiration to many. Barbering has really changed my life and allowed me to create history through my success as a women in a male dominated industry. My vision is to pass on my knowledge so that others can be successful as well.

I have created a Hair Art educational workshop targeted to barbers and stylists, both professional and students, who are not naturally artistic or have a passion to expand their knowledge and need a guide to create artistic designs. Basically, this is the foundation to learning how to create hair designs. This will increase their value as a professional, boost their confidence and also allow their creative juices to flow and express themselves through their craft. I have a set curriculum and lesson plan that walks through a brief history of hair designs, theory, demonstration and a workshop which will allow hands on training and supervision.

The workshop is in a classroom setting so that each student will have a desk to work from. The class is estimated to be about 3 hours long and hold up to 25 students. With the purchase of $100 admission ticket students will receive the Hair Art Student kit to practice their design and at the end of the class students will receive a certificate of completion. Students will be responsible for providing personal equipment such as clippers, trimmers, brushes, combs, razors, etc.

Thank you for your consideration, look forward to hearing from you soon!