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Salon Fundraiser

From MY Dance Studio, to YOUR Hair Show!!!

A campaign by Lady Risper

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A campaign by Lady Risper
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From MY Dance Studio, to YOUR Hair Show!!!

Hi! First of all, I want to just thank you for taking the time to view my campaign. My name is Lady Risper and I am a Dancer, Choreographer, Model, Film and Motion Picture Director in the making, and Dreamer. I have dreamed of achieving greatness through the arts in my very own Dance Studio. With my studio, I will be able to use that location as the base of all of my Hair Art Industry contributions.

I plan to choreograph and rehearse with my dance teams that I plan on recruiting, as soon as we raise the funds together to set up the facility. My dance teams will benefit the Industry because these teams can be booked for any and all Hair Shows. What if someone already had certain individuals in mind for the entertainment portion of their shows and the only thing they needed was choreography? Not a problem!


With my studio, I am easily able to welcome those individuals to the studio to begin choreographing routines especially for them! In addition to choreographing dance routines, I am also able to choreograph routines for the models as well.


Hair Art is one thing, but modeling the art is another. Models are also choreographed, believe it or not. With this studio and the right amount of dedication, the possibilities are endless! It is my mission to chase my dreams, and I dream of making history in the Hair Art Industry through the power of Dance. With your support, I can begin something a little more than mind-blowing. YOUR support has the potential to start something LEGENDARY!